8 Days of Heat Free Hair

I decided to give my hair a nice, healthy break this trip. I left all my heat tools at home and went a more natural route. It was way easier than I expected it to be too! Braids and buns were my go to, with a scarf tied into it. I am obsessing over scarves in my hair right now and it just adds a pop of color to any outfit, which I love. If you’re lost for inspiration, check out Pinterest. I was always scrolling through it looking for fun, new ways to wear my hair. There were lots of failed attempts at some braids, but I was able to find some easy to do styles as well.

During the day I preferred having my hair braided or pulled back, since I was in and out of the water or venturing around. This scarf is on sale for $8 and it’s not too big, making it perfect to tie at the end of braids! If you don’t like braids as much, it’s still perfect to tie up a pony as well! The dutch braid is my favorite because it is very easy to do, and also is a big braid, which I prefer. If you have thinner hair, remember to always pull out the braid a little so that it makes the braid look thicker. IMG_1660Another super easy look to do is a half up bun. I like to add a scarf around my bun because it helps keep the bun perky on the top of my head and also adds a nice touch to  a simple outfit. For this look you can even french braid your hair back and then tie it into a bun once you reach the back of your head.


For dinner I usually tried to do something cute, but with my hair down. This look was actually so easy to do and only took three minutes, if that. Just twist back a small chunk of hair on each side and tie them in the middle. Do that again and then take both small pony tails and braid down. The key to keeping my hair somewhat straight with no heat was using tons of conditioner and brushing it while it air dried. My hair is also naturally on the straighter side which helps. IMG_1712

Shop my favorite scarves here! Just click on the picture to shop


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