Chances are I am in Culebra

The majority of you have probably never heard of Culebra, but it is a small island right off the coast of Puerto Rico. You may have heard of Flamenco Beach though and that is located on this island. Culebra is home to some of the prettiest views I have ever seen. I really enjoy traveling here because it is very calm and not overwhelmed with tourists. After Hurricane Maria, the people who live here did an amazing job cleaning up the aftermath and restoring Culebra back to its original beauty. 

In order to get to Culebra you must take a boat or a tiny plane (I prefer a plane since I get seasick). Plus, a plane ride allows you to see the beauty of both islands from the air. Once you are there, everyone gets around on Golf Carts or jeeps, but the golf carts are much more fun to me. We always rent our golfcart from Jerry’s Jeep Rental. Since Culebra is so small is is super easy to navigate around the island. There are so many beaches on all sides of Culebra, but Flamenco Beach is foresure the most popular. 

img_0118img_0114Processed with VSCO with oc presetThat said, my personal favorite beach is Zoni Beach because it is more hidden than the others and takes a little longer to get so.There are typically very few people at Zoni and I feel like it is my own private beach. If you want to snorkel and see some marine life, then Melones and Tamarindo Beach are great for that. They are a little rocky so definitely bring swim shoes and a snorkel. img_0108img_0111img_0122

My family and I love to take a boat out about 20 minutes to the island of Culebrita. The views there are absolutely breathtaking. On Culebrita you can take a 15-20 minute light hike up to the top and see an old lighthouse. There are some goats and deer on the island that we will usually see on our hikes. On one end of the island there are also tide pools that are so much fun to swim in. The water is a gorgeous blue with burnt orange rocks around it. You must know the walk to get to the tide pools is rough and rocky so make sure to wear shoes of some sort, but it is well worth it. Tons of boats will gather on Culebrita on most weekends. The boaters will play in the water, snorkel around, and grill out for the day, every-time we have done this we have a blast. There is also a dive shop on the island of Culebra that has taken my brother out numerous times for those who want a little more than snorkeling.

Food & Drink Recommendations 

Let me just start by saying everything on the island is very casual, sundresses or jean shorts are the way to go. Also most all of the restaurants are outside so it usually wise to bring bug spray especially during Summer. 

  • El Eden: By far my favorite restaurant! The food is so unique and tasty. This is a place I highly recommend making reservations for because they are always busy. They have so many great things on the menu, but I would advise you to get the Zucchini pasta or Lobster Risotto, they are so good. 
  • Dinghy Docks: This is a great spot to grab a drink and appetizer right on the water. There are tons of Tarpin in the water right off the dock so that’s always fun to see. We like to stop here and snack on some taquitos after a day at the beach before we head back to get ready for dinner. 
  • Mamacitas: Another place on the water so it’s a fun place to go eat for a casual dinner. Their fish fingers are yummy! You can also stay right above in their guesthouse if you want to. 
  • Susies: Here they have a great outdoor ambiance and it is one of the nicer restaurants on the island. Their steak and lobster is always served to perfection. They are a seasonal restaurant so definitely check to see if they’re open for your trip. 
  • Vibra Verde: The absolute BEST place for breakfast or brunch! Every time we travel to Culebra I make sure to stop here. On this last trip I actually met the couple who owns this place and they were very down to earth. They have great açaí bowls, smoothies, eggs, and bagels. 
  • img_0128


Where To Stay

  • Club Seaborne: Our family of 14 just stayed here and had a good time. We each had rooms right next to each other and it is small enough to all feel close, but still have personal space. They serve breakfast and have a bar so it worked out for everyone. 
  • Villas: Personally I enjoy renting a house or villa and staying there because there are many unique properties right on the water or hills with gorgeous views. However it is very hard to find a place that holds a lot of people so this is a better option for smaller groups. img_0112img_0126img_0121

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