Changing for the Better

Let me just say 2019 has already been a year like no other. I wanted to write a little about my thoughts right now and how change has affected me.

I am the first person to admit that I was scared of change. Granted, I am not making any huge life changes such as moving across the globe, but for me these changes are pretty significant for where I am at this point in life. We can’t control what happens though and if life wants to change without my consent, then it’s going to.

I have always been a relationships kind of person. I don’t know if it was so much a fear of being alone or rather I just liked having someone at all times. But life took a turn and for the first time in five years I am single. The first couple weeks were tough because I wasn’t used to being alone or not having someone to talk to everyday, but eventually it got easier. I also have the best friends and family by my side to help me not think about it. Since 2019 has started. I genuinely feel like a whole new person. I realized that I needed to be alone (and as I’m saying alone I mean just not in a relationship, I still have friends lol). I am truly starting to find myself and who I want to be. I think my biggest flaw in a relationship is that I put that relationship and the other person ahead of me pursuing my passions. This past month has been the most thrilling and busy month of my life. I am reconnecting with all of my girlfriends, I suddenly have no cares about what others think, I am chasing my goals and dreams, and I have never been happier. To be honest I didn’t realize how happy I was until my friends pointed it out. IMG_0137IMG_0138IMG_0139

As a sophomore in college it is time to start thinking about my future and how I can get ahead. I have been given opportunities that I never in a million years thought I would have. Companies are flying me out to attend their conferences and seminars, never once did I expect this to happen. The best part about these things is that again, it’s getting me out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t say that I have ever been a quiet person, but sometimes in a group setting I would be more quite until I felt comfortable around everyone. Not anymore! This last trip I took to Salt Lake City was beyond memorable. I learned more than I ever imagined and much of that is because I wasn’t afraid to speak up and ask questions or even present in front of strangers. I seriously don’t know what came over me, but I felt like a new me and I love it. I made some amazing friends and it was the kind of connection where I felt like I have known them my whole life. After this experience, I have really seen how important it is to get out of my shell and have no fears about speaking up or speaking out in a large crowd.

IMG_0136IMG_0130IMG_0132The biggest takeaway so far in 2019 is my self drive. I want to be the best and work hard in order to achieve my goals. I don’t want to feel as if I could’ve given more effort or spent more time on something. I now realize more than ever that if I want to be successful and one of the best in the business (not exactly sure what business), I am going to have to start now. In everything I do I need to go above and beyond expectations. Sometimes it is hard to maintain this motivation 24/7, but thinking about the future is a great reminder of why I’m making sacrifices now.

I totally threw so much in there, but I just wanted to share how change has been one of the best things that’s happened to me. I feel like a new person who isn’t afraid to go out there and take charge of my life. It is the first time I really thought about myself and what I want out of life. God knew what he was doing when he switched things up in my life. I used to be able to balance everything because I had much more time on my hands, but now I have way less time and I don’t think I would be able to manage everything if it had it not been left in 2018. This was definitely one of the times where God’s timing was just right. We as humans need to embrace change and have the desire to challenge ourselves, otherwise life will get boring and we won’t continue to grow as a person. I can’t wait to see where the rest of 2019 takes me because I have never been more excited about my future. IMG_0129

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