Small Space Living

Apartment living has me struggling. I love my apartment and my roommates, but the closet I live with is so small! It’s a sliding door with one rack and one shelf…tough life for a fashionista. It took a whole month and a lot of brainstorming to figure out just how to fit all my clothes and shoes in there. My space is very limited, but I made it work. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to make the most of space in a small room…


For a closet

  • I bought an extra hanging bar that hooks on to the main rack and gives you an extra row of of hanging clothes. It only takes up about 2/3 of the length of the top rack so it’s perfect to leave space for long clothes like pants or dresses.
  • Target or the container store has some great top shelf storage. I bought a 2 shelf shoe rack from target that I put on the top rack of my shelf and added a big box on top of that so I can utilize the tall closet space.
  • I had a hanger to hold all my belts and purses on the very side of my closet, but now with sweater season I needed to maximize that rack space. I put small command hooks on the side wall of my closet and have staggered my belts on the wall.
  • Thin cloth hangers are a must! I have transferred all of my hanging clothes to these kinds of hangers because they take up the least amount of space and they hold clothes way better than plastic.


For Jewelry

  • The container store has great stackable’s for jewelry. I have a three tier tower and the first one is meant specifically for stud earrings. The next one I use for bracelets or chunkier earrings. The third tier is used for some more of my everyday earrings and some rings I don’t wear as often.
  • I found a cheap, tin hook wall decor at Hobby lobby. I was looking for any sort of wall arrow and planned on putting nails in it, but I came across this which already bad hooks so it worked out. I hang all of my necklaces on it because I can layer more than one without them getting tangled.
  • I have a tree stand that originally I had used for my bracelets, but as I get more bracelets I started to run out of room. I ended up taking my bracelets off and I put all my hoops on it and spread my rings out on the bottom of it.
  • I got a new display holder for my bracelets that is black (but comes in different colors), and is three tiered to hold all of them.
  • I don’t have enough space in my bedroom for a full length jewelry stand, but at home it is the best. I like it because it has a full length mirror on it and holds so much of my jewelry, but I added more command hooks on the inside door so that it fits more of my necklaces.


For the Bathroom

I have a slight obsession with trying new makeup or products. I have more stuff than I know what to do with, but it’s okay if you can make the space for it right? I have definitely learned how to utilize bathroom space.

  • Acrylic Makeup Holders are a life saver. I started with a basic topper and one layer under, but as I keep buying new makeup I had to buy more layers. This is why I love it though because you can just keep building on it. I get all of mine at the Container Store, but you can get them on Amazon too.
  • I like to see my everyday products that I use, cause sometimes when they’re stuffed in a drawer I cannot find anything! I recently got this 360 organizer and I love it because its customizable heights and where you want things to be. It also hold little things on the top so I put some of my everyday earrings or little things up there.
  • Rolling Carts are a must. I got mine at Target and I got little baskets from the Dollar Store that fit perfectly into the cart. I like to put the baskets in as little dividers that hold everything I need by categories (I tend to get OCD about this stuff). Without the basket my stuff will topple over and gets messy. But literally these carts hold so much and are a great way to organize and make more space.
  • Under my sink I keep my bath towels and some extra products. I use these two storage containers to stack all those extra products and some emergency kit stuff. My bottom one holds all the bandaids, cotton pads, and stuff like that. But I love them because they stack perfectly on each other and they are clear so I can still what is in each one.
  • I really love command hooks okay…I use the baby ones for everything! I put them on my bathroom wall to hold all my fun  scrunchies or hair ties because if not I shove them in a drawer where I either forget about them or they take up too much room and force me to cram things in the drawer. I also used them on a blank wall next to me desk to hold my big hats because it looks so cute and you can’t even see the hook. It also allows the hats to keep their shape and not get ruined. If you still have an empty wall in your room or closet then they are great for holding long purses too.

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10 Reasons I Love September

September is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. The Summer to Fall transition is my favorite time of the year. It’s a nice change of weather, activities, and clothing. Here’s a list of my 10 favorite things about the month September! 

  1. September 29th is National Drink Coffee Day! This might be the best day of the year besides Christmas and my birthday. Coffee is the one thing that always keeps me going throughout the day and I can’t live without it. (also wish I was drinking my coffee with this view again) IMG_0081
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte season is back! Some of the best news you can hear in September. These drinks are my go to in the Fall, and I whole heartedly believe that there’s nothing better. They are only here for a couple months so get it while you can (or stock up in the kitchen)!
  3. Fall is official on September 22, which means so many great changes. Leaves falling and weather getting colder! Fall is by far my favorite season it brings a calmness through the air that is so refreshing. The scenery of leaves changing color is one of my favorite views when driving. IMG_0082
  4. All of this means that it is now acceptable to throw Fall stuff at everyone. My roommates keep telling me they walk in the house and fall smacks them in the face! Lol! I have gone to Bath and Body works to get my favorite Autumn and Pumpkin Spice candles and wall scents. Even my car air freshener has been replaced with Fall scents. Target is a great place to stop and get some Fall home accents that are inexpensive and a great touch to any room. 
  5. With Fall here that means it is time for a wardrobe change! Boots and sweaters are out and I am ecstatic. Sweaters are so cozy and cute to pair with any jeans, leggings, or jeggings. Heck, oversize the sweater and wear it as a dress with some cute over the knee boots. IMG_0067IMG_0069
  6. Now that fall clothes are in that means Summer clothes are out. Just about every store has all the Summer clothes on major sale. It is a great time to stock up on basics and shoes that will always be in style. I just bought some great finds from Nordstrom all over 40% off! You can’t beat that. 
  7. Football season is finally back! War Eagle! I love football season so much because its a great way for everyone to come together on weekends and have a good time. I also love finding unique game-day outfits for each game. Another plus is that tailgate food is the best (especially as a college student). Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset
  8. Favorite fruit is in season…Apples! Apples are a healthy snack filler as well as a great sweet treat. Homemade apple pie is the best fall dessert ever. I’m a huge fan of apple anything for the most part especially sweetened. I always like to go to an Apple farm and pick my own as a fall festivity. 
  9. September 26 is National Pancake Day! Make your IHOP reservations now or be sure to stock up on ingredients. Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite so you know I will be making them for breakfast and most likely be hitting up the free  IHOP pancakes for dinner that night. So fluffy and satisfying this is my breakfast weakness. 
  10. New seasons bring a fresh change to everything in life. It’s a great time to clean out the house, especially the closet.  My closet changes completely with this transition from Summer to Fall. You get a nice reality check, you can reevaluate yourself and goals to see how far you’ve come since the beginning of the year. It’s a good refresher to take a step back and enjoy the better things in life.