Chances are I am in Culebra

The majority of you have probably never heard of Culebra, but it is a small island right off the coast of Puerto Rico. You may have heard of Flamenco Beach though and that is located on this island. Culebra is home to some of the prettiest views I have ever seen. I really enjoy traveling here because it is very calm and not overwhelmed with tourists. After Hurricane Maria, the people who live here did an amazing job cleaning up the aftermath and restoring Culebra back to its original beauty. 

In order to get to Culebra you must take a boat or a tiny plane (I prefer a plane since I get seasick). Plus, a plane ride allows you to see the beauty of both islands from the air. Once you are there, everyone gets around on Golf Carts or jeeps, but the golf carts are much more fun to me. We always rent our golfcart from Jerry’s Jeep Rental. Since Culebra is so small is is super easy to navigate around the island. There are so many beaches on all sides of Culebra, but Flamenco Beach is foresure the most popular. 

img_0118img_0114Processed with VSCO with oc presetThat said, my personal favorite beach is Zoni Beach because it is more hidden than the others and takes a little longer to get so.There are typically very few people at Zoni and I feel like it is my own private beach. If you want to snorkel and see some marine life, then Melones and Tamarindo Beach are great for that. They are a little rocky so definitely bring swim shoes and a snorkel. img_0108img_0111img_0122

My family and I love to take a boat out about 20 minutes to the island of Culebrita. The views there are absolutely breathtaking. On Culebrita you can take a 15-20 minute light hike up to the top and see an old lighthouse. There are some goats and deer on the island that we will usually see on our hikes. On one end of the island there are also tide pools that are so much fun to swim in. The water is a gorgeous blue with burnt orange rocks around it. You must know the walk to get to the tide pools is rough and rocky so make sure to wear shoes of some sort, but it is well worth it. Tons of boats will gather on Culebrita on most weekends. The boaters will play in the water, snorkel around, and grill out for the day, every-time we have done this we have a blast. There is also a dive shop on the island of Culebra that has taken my brother out numerous times for those who want a little more than snorkeling.

Food & Drink Recommendations 

Let me just start by saying everything on the island is very casual, sundresses or jean shorts are the way to go. Also most all of the restaurants are outside so it usually wise to bring bug spray especially during Summer. 

  • El Eden: By far my favorite restaurant! The food is so unique and tasty. This is a place I highly recommend making reservations for because they are always busy. They have so many great things on the menu, but I would advise you to get the Zucchini pasta or Lobster Risotto, they are so good. 
  • Dinghy Docks: This is a great spot to grab a drink and appetizer right on the water. There are tons of Tarpin in the water right off the dock so that’s always fun to see. We like to stop here and snack on some taquitos after a day at the beach before we head back to get ready for dinner. 
  • Mamacitas: Another place on the water so it’s a fun place to go eat for a casual dinner. Their fish fingers are yummy! You can also stay right above in their guesthouse if you want to. 
  • Susies: Here they have a great outdoor ambiance and it is one of the nicer restaurants on the island. Their steak and lobster is always served to perfection. They are a seasonal restaurant so definitely check to see if they’re open for your trip. 
  • Vibra Verde: The absolute BEST place for breakfast or brunch! Every time we travel to Culebra I make sure to stop here. On this last trip I actually met the couple who owns this place and they were very down to earth. They have great açaí bowls, smoothies, eggs, and bagels. 
  • img_0128


Where To Stay

  • Club Seaborne: Our family of 14 just stayed here and had a good time. We each had rooms right next to each other and it is small enough to all feel close, but still have personal space. They serve breakfast and have a bar so it worked out for everyone. 
  • Villas: Personally I enjoy renting a house or villa and staying there because there are many unique properties right on the water or hills with gorgeous views. However it is very hard to find a place that holds a lot of people so this is a better option for smaller groups. img_0112img_0126img_0121

Small Space Living

Apartment living has me struggling. I love my apartment and my roommates, but the closet I live with is so small! It’s a sliding door with one rack and one shelf…tough life for a fashionista. It took a whole month and a lot of brainstorming to figure out just how to fit all my clothes and shoes in there. My space is very limited, but I made it work. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to make the most of space in a small room…


For a closet

  • I bought an extra hanging bar that hooks on to the main rack and gives you an extra row of of hanging clothes. It only takes up about 2/3 of the length of the top rack so it’s perfect to leave space for long clothes like pants or dresses.
  • Target or the container store has some great top shelf storage. I bought a 2 shelf shoe rack from target that I put on the top rack of my shelf and added a big box on top of that so I can utilize the tall closet space.
  • I had a hanger to hold all my belts and purses on the very side of my closet, but now with sweater season I needed to maximize that rack space. I put small command hooks on the side wall of my closet and have staggered my belts on the wall.
  • Thin cloth hangers are a must! I have transferred all of my hanging clothes to these kinds of hangers because they take up the least amount of space and they hold clothes way better than plastic.


For Jewelry

  • The container store has great stackable’s for jewelry. I have a three tier tower and the first one is meant specifically for stud earrings. The next one I use for bracelets or chunkier earrings. The third tier is used for some more of my everyday earrings and some rings I don’t wear as often.
  • I found a cheap, tin hook wall decor at Hobby lobby. I was looking for any sort of wall arrow and planned on putting nails in it, but I came across this which already bad hooks so it worked out. I hang all of my necklaces on it because I can layer more than one without them getting tangled.
  • I have a tree stand that originally I had used for my bracelets, but as I get more bracelets I started to run out of room. I ended up taking my bracelets off and I put all my hoops on it and spread my rings out on the bottom of it.
  • I got a new display holder for my bracelets that is black (but comes in different colors), and is three tiered to hold all of them.
  • I don’t have enough space in my bedroom for a full length jewelry stand, but at home it is the best. I like it because it has a full length mirror on it and holds so much of my jewelry, but I added more command hooks on the inside door so that it fits more of my necklaces.


For the Bathroom

I have a slight obsession with trying new makeup or products. I have more stuff than I know what to do with, but it’s okay if you can make the space for it right? I have definitely learned how to utilize bathroom space.

  • Acrylic Makeup Holders are a life saver. I started with a basic topper and one layer under, but as I keep buying new makeup I had to buy more layers. This is why I love it though because you can just keep building on it. I get all of mine at the Container Store, but you can get them on Amazon too.
  • I like to see my everyday products that I use, cause sometimes when they’re stuffed in a drawer I cannot find anything! I recently got this 360 organizer and I love it because its customizable heights and where you want things to be. It also hold little things on the top so I put some of my everyday earrings or little things up there.
  • Rolling Carts are a must. I got mine at Target and I got little baskets from the Dollar Store that fit perfectly into the cart. I like to put the baskets in as little dividers that hold everything I need by categories (I tend to get OCD about this stuff). Without the basket my stuff will topple over and gets messy. But literally these carts hold so much and are a great way to organize and make more space.
  • Under my sink I keep my bath towels and some extra products. I use these two storage containers to stack all those extra products and some emergency kit stuff. My bottom one holds all the bandaids, cotton pads, and stuff like that. But I love them because they stack perfectly on each other and they are clear so I can still what is in each one.
  • I really love command hooks okay…I use the baby ones for everything! I put them on my bathroom wall to hold all my fun  scrunchies or hair ties because if not I shove them in a drawer where I either forget about them or they take up too much room and force me to cram things in the drawer. I also used them on a blank wall next to me desk to hold my big hats because it looks so cute and you can’t even see the hook. It also allows the hats to keep their shape and not get ruined. If you still have an empty wall in your room or closet then they are great for holding long purses too.

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12 Ways to Relieve Stress


  1. Take a long bath or hot shower: This is the best way to relieve stress. I love to take a hot bath and keep lavender and peppermint scents around me. The key to helping relieve some of the stress is adding in a lavender or stress relief soap. I also love to put some essential oils in my bath. If I don’t have time for a long bath though, I’ll just hop in the shower and still use that same soap. Either way it is a great way to relax and take your mind off of things.
  2. Play your favorite music: I have two different playlists for when I need to relieve some stress. One is a playlist of my favorite slower songs. I like to listen to those when I need to calm down or when I’m in the bath. My other playlist is some of my favorite upbeat, pop music. This is great for when you just need to dance it all out and get rid of that stress. Both are equally effective when it comes to getting rid of stress.
  3. Take a break from technology (even if it’s for an hour or two): Sometimes I find my stress can come from when I get distracted on my phone or computer because I just lost track of time and wasted an hour doing nothing. I think taking a break from technology allows me to have some time for myself or others. Also, social media can tend to add stress because sometimes there are negative things on there or you can end up comparing yourself to others and so it’s good to disconnect from it for a little bit.
  4. Treat yourself to something small: I find that making time for yourself can be so hard sometimes! It is super important to find that time for yourself and treat your self to small things here and there. Whether it’s splurging on Starbucks or a new pair of shoes, it is essential to keep yourself happy as well as others. However, I sometimes need to remind myself that I don’t need to “treat” myself everyday. Lol.
  5. Go for a walk outside: This weather is the perfect time to take a walk. Walking is a great way to relieve some stress because it gets the blood flowing and I personally feel way better after a little exercise. By going outside and enjoying nature it can take your mind off of everything else. I like to take a scenic walk and enjoy the color change of the leaves right now.
  6. Read a book (or any article): Distracting yourself in a book is such a good way to get your mind off of everything that is stressing you out. Books are great because you can get so intrigued and your mind is solely focused on the story. If you don’t have time for a book, articles are also a quick way to get your mind off of things.  I like to pick something enjoyable like fashion or life articles, but you can choose anything you like.
  7. Light a candle or use aromatherapy oils (lavender, chamomile): I am such a candle person. Personally, lighting any scent candle calms me down because I love smelling them around the house. Vanilla pumpkin scent is my current obsession because the smell of fall makes me so happy! But for many the smell of lavender or peppermint is proven to be very calming. For some people candles don’t work and they use essential oils. I love oils because you can use them in so many ways. I personally like to use them in a diffuser and keep that near my bed. Chamomile is a great one and it really seems to calm me down. You can get just about any scent in oils and I also love to use that when my immune system is getting run down.
  8. Journal your feelings: This is something I have recently started doing. All my life so many people I know would journal everything and I never understood it until lately. I used to feel funny writing my feelings down, but now that I have started doing it more, I really enjoy it. It is a great way to get out any thoughts or feelings without having to share it with others. I am super personal about things and I do not like to share that stuff so I found journaling it all down has helped so much. I also like to journal about good things too. Goals, accomplishments, etc. I find that doing this can alter my mood thinking about all the goods things in my life. When I journal the bad things I’m stressing about and compare them to all the great things I jotted down, I find that everything in life really isn’t that bad right now and I’m over exaggerating about it all.
  9. Bake something simple: Some people like to cook and some like to bake, but whatever you prefer it is a great way to take a step back from everything and do something enjoyable. Keeping track of ingredients and timers takes your mind of other stuff. Also, I highly recommend baking something with banana in it. The potassium in banana’s is a great stress reliever because potassium lowers your blood pressure, which tends to rise when you’re stressed.
  10.  Animal therapy: Dogs are my go to. Who can stay stressed when you’re petting a dog or cat or any other super cute animal! I love having dogs around because they also seem to know when you’re down and they are a great comfort. If you don’t have an animal, a great thing to do is volunteer at an animal shelter or even visit a friend who has one. Volunteering at the shelter is a great way to give back and help yourself at the same time. I personally love playing with the dogs at the shelter because they are the sweetest things in the world and I want to take them all home with me.
  11. Make a list:  If you know me then you know I am such a list/ planning kind of person. Making a list a great way to help get rid of stress. Make a list of everything you need to do and put it in order of importance. This way you can see what you need to and in what order. It’s also great because as you get those things done, you can cross them off and feel accomplished. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed like I have too much to do and not enough time, but as soon I as start doing some of the things and crossing them off I realize it’s really not that bad.
  12. Do it outside: I find that staying stuck inside all day can add to my stress. If you don’t have time to take a walk outside to get rid of that stress then take your stuff outside. If some of the tasks I need to do can be done outside then that’s where I’ll be. I love sitting on a porch listening to the wind or seeing the sunshine. Everything around me just feels better when I’m outside and it puts me in a better mood to get things done. It can be a nice refresher to go outside and get work done. With it being Fall right now it is the perfect time to sit outside and get work done.